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On episode 16 of Portroidcast, I present, in full, the roundtable interviews held in the press room for Adult Swim's CHILDRENS HOSPITAL at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. There were six or seven press outlets at my same table and we interviewed Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, and Malin Akerman, and then Megan Mullally and Ken Marino, followed by Rob Corddry.

We talk about who had whose baby, Brazil, tacos, Party Down, and a little about Childrens Hospital. Enjoy!!


Some CHILDRENS HOSPITAL portroids from the press room, and some from previous encounters.

On episode 15 of the podcast, I interview comedian Kevin Allison.

We talk about The State, finding his voice, and his passion for storytelling. Enjoy!

 Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison at The Purple Onion in San Francisco after our interview

(photo taken with the new Impossible Project PZ600 Silver Shade UV+ film)

On episode 14 of the Portroidcast, I interview comedian Kumail Nanjiani.

We talk about Pakistan, college, comedy, television, comic book stores, and more. Enjoy!



On this, the 13th episode of Portroidcast, I interview SF Sketchfest co-founder Cole Stratton.

We talk about how the festival was created, how it has evolved, and other related topics. Enjoy! (especially those mysterious "other related topics")

Cole Stratton

In this 12th episode of Portroidcast, I sit down for an interview with comedian Kyle Kinane at an Irish pub after his performance on October 20, 2010 at Comedy Works South in Denver.



Kyle Kinane (after a performance in San Diego during Comic-Con)

In the 11th episode of Portroidcast, I interview comedian Jen Kirkman backstage at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.

We discuss comedy, social networks, her role on Chelsea Lately and are joined mid-way by comedian Randy Sklar. Enjoy!


Jen Kirkman before our interview


Surprise guest Randy Sklar

On the 10th episode of Portroidcast, I interview Ashley Jensen in the Filmmakers' Lounge at the Vail Film Festival.

We discuss her acting history, Extras, sitcoms, voice work, and we set the record straight on an internet lie (she was NOT the voice of the interviewer on The Office). Enjoy!


Ashley Jensen at the 2010 Vail Film Festival

On the ninth episode of Portroidcast, I interview Matt Belknap. Matt is the founder of, AST Records, and is the co-host of Never Not Funny. We talk about origins, pseudonyms, and his various entertainment enterprises. Enjoy!


A portroid of Matt Belknap after our interview during SF Sketchfest


Also, listen for a drop-in by comedian Graham Elwood


On this, the eighth episode of Portroidcast, I interview comedian Pat Francis during SF Sketchfest. We talk about his days of stand-up, current and upcoming projects, and the hunt for autographs. Enjoy!


Portroid of Pat Francis at the 9th Annual SF Sketchfest

On this 7th edition of Portroidcast, I interview comedian Jimmy Pardo. We sat down at the end of the first weekend of the 9th Annual SF Sketchfest and discussed comedy, game shows, and Pardoisms. Enjoy!


A portroid of Jimmy Pardo at the SF Sketchfest taken immediately after our interview

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